Sculpture by Reisa Gula

As an artist I strive to present grace and beauty as I see it. I work in both representational and abstract styles, depending to some extent on what the stone suggests. Much of my work is representational with the female figure as the central theme. Two prominent elements in my work involve line and texture - especially in non-representational or abstract sculpture. I have worked in marble, alabaster and limestone. I prefer alabaster.

Carving in stone is an extractive process in which material is removed to reveal the final form or figure. I work directly on the stone without a preliminary model or maquette. It is, as I said, very exciting (and very slow)! Working in a difficult and unyielding medium like stone can often be quite a struggle not to mention a great challenge. It is both this challenge and my love of the tactile medium that keeps me grinding and chiselling at my stone until I reach the finished form.

Sculpture narrows the gap that connects me to my true centre. It is the language of my soul. And just as the soul cannot thrive without expression, true art cannot thrive without soul.